Contemporary Dining Room Too Narrow? Custom-Made Metal Dining Table & Chairs!

If you have a narrow, contemporary-style dining room or eating area and don't want to have wood furnishings, you may feel limited in options for your dining table. Fortunately, you can hire a metal fabrication company to customize a dining table and chairs to fit perfectly in the narrow space. Here's what you need to know about the people who will be working together to create your custom-made dining set.

Install The Right Fluid-Straightening Device To Correct Fluid Distortions

Fluid distortions located close to or upstream of flow meters can cause reading errors as high as 50 percent. One of the best ways to correct these issues is by installing fluid-straightening devices. If you're a project manager charged with resolving reading errors caused by obstructions in metering pipelines, here's a guide to some of the most common fluid-straightening devices. Fluid-Straightening Devices Reduce Swirls All fluid straightening devices aim to accomplish the same goal: straighten the flow of fluid in a metering pipeline system.

New to the Racing Circuit? Should You Have Your Engine Dyno Tested?

If you've recently finished building your first racing engine, you may be anxious to get out on the circuit and begin earning back some of the funds you've invested. However, you may not want to pit your new vehicle against others before testing it to determine precisely how much horsepower is generated at various RPMs and to ensure there aren't any potential mechanical problems lurking within your new engine. Read on to learn more about when you'll want to pay to have your new engine dyno tested as well as some situations in which purchasing your own dynamometer may be a profitable investment.