Top Things To Know About Weld Overlay Cladding

You might have used welding services before, so you might know a little bit about some of the different welding practices that welding professionals use. One term you might not have heard of yet, though, is an overlay clad. Because this can be an incredibly useful service, it's actually probably something that you'll want to know about. These are a few things you may want to know if you're new to the process of weld overlay cladding. 

It Should Be Done By a Professional Welder

If you've never had weld overlay cladding done before, you might be wondering who you would call about this type of service. Most welding professionals learn how to do this while they are in welding school, so if you find a professional welder, they should be able to assist you with weld overlay cladding.

Additional Metal Is Needed

The whole point of weld overlay cladding is to attach another piece of metal to an existing object. This is done in an attempt to strengthen and protect the item. In order for the job to be done, it only makes sense that additional metal will be needed. The welding professional who is doing the weld overlay cladding job for you should know the best type of metal to use, depending on the item and the metal that it's made from. If you already have metal on hand, the welding professional may use it for the job. Otherwise, they should be able to help you source the metal that is needed for the weld overlay cladding job.

It's Helpful for Corrosion

One of the reasons why weld overlay cladding is often used is in an effort to prevent or reduce corrosion. Therefore, if corrosion is something that you're worried about—such as if your metal item is going to be used in a wet environment—you should consider weld overlay cladding since you might find it will be very helpful.

It's Helpful in Hostile Environments

Because weld overlay cladding is useful for reinforcing metal items, it's a great choice in hostile environments, when you might be worried that potentially fragile parts will be damaged. For example, this is why a lot of people who work in industrial businesses like to make use of weld overlay cladding.

It's important to know about weld overlay cladding if you regularly work with pipes, fittings, or other metal objects. If you contact a local welder—whether it's someone you have hired in the past to help with welding jobs, or if it's someone new you have found—they should be able to tell you more about weld overlay cladding.