4 Reasons To Opt For Carbon Steel Weld Fittings Rather Than Threaded Types In Your Plumbing Project

Today, there are infinite options at your disposal when you want to fit your plumbing pipes with various fittings, including reducers and long-radius elbows. While threaded fittings have been around for a while, carbon steel fittings are gaining popularity in the plumbing industry. Read on to understand why you must opt for carbon steel weld fittings for your plumbing project.

Their Continuous Shapes Allow for Even Flow

One of the main advantages of carbon steel weld fittings compared to their threaded counterparts is that they feature a continuous flow, mostly when used in liquid-based applications. They have smoother interiors and seamless connections between two fittings. If you are working on highly pressurized plumbing applications, consider using carbon steel weld fittings to achieve better flow-rates and efficiencies.

They Don't Cause System Degeneration.

When working on water-based applications, it would help if you used carbon steel welds, which are more durable than threaded types. Upon exposure to moisture and other elements found in water running in the pipes, metallic piping is more vulnerable to deterioration. However, choosing to use high-end fittings means zero threads to worry about even when the liquid in the pipes is heavily laden with minerals. It's, therefore, prudent to consider using high-quality carbon steel to prevent premature failure of your plumbing systems.

Broad Size Range for Your Fittings

Generally, threaded fittings come in standard sizes, most of which do not satisfy industry-standard piping needs. But when working on custom-based projects that involve metallic pipes with significant diameters, it may be challenging to find threaded fittings. Conversely, carbon steel fittings come in many different sizes you could think of find on the market. These fittings range from the smallest diameter to the largest diameter for any plumbing system size you are dealing with in your project.

Helps Prevent Air Pressure Fluctuations Along System Bends and Angles

For any plumbing system to function optimally, you must ensure that you have successfully regulated air pressure. Any drop in pressure means trouble with your system's water-flow and vacuum actions arising from gravity changes inside the pipe. While you may choose to use various threaded piping fittings alongside larger piping tubes to add your fittings onto, threads are notorious for causing pressure drops due to air losses. Therefore, consider high-quality fittings such as carbon steel weld fittings when working with metallic piping to alleviate pressure drops and other related problems.

These are the four advantages you can enjoy when choosing carbon steel weld fittings instead of threaded types for your plumbing project. Contact a supplier of products like Viega carbon steel fittings to learn more.