3 Gate Upgrades Every Estate Owner Should Consider

If you own an estate property, then you know the importance of having quality security. This security includes your gates and accessories for those gates. Though you may already have industrial quality gates in place, there are upgrades that can enhance the security of the estate and the curb appeal as well. Here are three of those upgrades and what you should consider about each one.

Artisan Quality Swinging Gates

Your first issue when you think of industrial estate gates is the gate appearing industrial. You may want a gate that has more flare, design, and curb appeal than a standard iron sliding or swinging option. Artisan quality gates are gates that have artistic style and can be created to fit your own decor style. For example, you can have patterns or designs cut and worked into the iron itself. This can include iron scroll work or even a family crest if that fits your needs. Though the metal used is still industrial quality, the finished result is far from an industrial warehouse style look.

Hidden Security Cameras

Security cameras are vital to any estate gate security system. This gate accessory allows your surveillance to keep track of who is coming and going into the property. It also allows you to see if there is anyone around the gates of the estate. You may not want the camera visible since the visibility can distract from the curb appeal of the estate. You can visit your gates and accessories dealer to find hidden security cameras that can be placed within the fence posts. These cameras monitor in the same way as other security cameras without distracting from the appeal of the gate artistry.

Illuminated Gates

A key issue for some estate owners is the lighting around the gates. You may want to have the ideal amount of lighting, but you may be concerned that placing a large lamppost or light pole will not match the curb appeal of the estate gates and accessories you choose. With that in mind, you can go with outdoor LED lighting designed for landscaping. This can give you a soft lighting that is ideal for the space, but does not give a flood lighting look or feel.

By considering each of these upgrades, and possibly combining the upgrades, you can enhance the security of your estate. If any of these ideas appeal to you, contact your local industrial gate and accessories contractor, like Incom Inc. They can assist you with options, answers to your questions, and installation.