Four Key Benefits Of Molded Fiberglass Grating Products

Molded fiberglass grating products have dozens of uses. It really is quite something to see how these solid fiberglass gratings fit into every space for which they were formed and perform their intended uses. If you need a grate, you should consider this material for all your grating needs. Here are some key benefits to convince you to at least give fiberglass grating a try.

So Easy to Wash

Molded fiberglass anything is tough, smooth, and easy to wash. Because the surface is comprised of compact fiberglass that has been sanded to a perfectly smooth surface finish, most liquids and semi-solids slip right off this surface. Anything that comes close to sticking to the fiberglass grate is easily rinsed off, or it can be cleaned with a little light pressure wash.

Tough as Nails

When you think of fiberglass, you probably think of home insulation. Fiberglass insulation is light, fluffy, and easily destroyed by excess pressure. So, you might be wondering how fiberglass grates hold up under pressure.

Actually, the manufacturing process by which these grates are made makes the fiberglass extremely dense. Extremely dense and compacted into a form, the fiberglass fibers are so close together that not much can really pull the fibers, or the form, apart. Ergo, the manufacturing process for these grates makes the grates tough as nails, and equally as strong as most metal grates.

Chemical Resistance Like No Other

Depending on which resin is used to adhere all of the fiberglass fibers together in this form, you could purchase grates that are chemical-resistant, as well. This is definitely beneficial for automotive shops, where lots of chemicals, oils, greases, and the like may drop on grating and "chew" through it. This resistance also helps chemical manufacturers and produce or meat processing plants, where everything has to be sterilized frequently.


Fiberglass is the type of material that renders itself unto any shape, size, and desired custom fit. That is good news if you need an awkwardly shaped grate to fit the hole in the floor. Just make sure you fully and accurately measure the length, width, and depth of this space, and include a sketch of what makes this custom grate so different from most other grates and grate sizes. If the grating manufacturer also requests a few photos of the space where the custom grate will go, be sure to include those, as well.