How Standing Seam Panels Decrease Your Home's Mold Risk

Adding shingles and other types of roofing materials to your home is an essential way of protecting your family from mold and other types of contaminants. Adding standing seam panels to a home helps to eliminate the dangers of leaks and keep mold out of your house for good.

Why Leaks Cause Mold

When leaks occur in a roof, they let in an excessive amount of moisture that is unsafe for the house. For example, it can cause a variety of items to grow inside of the roof, including mildew and mold. Mold is a particular problem because it can cause serious respiratory problems, such as asthma attacks and even more serious respiratory problems.

Leaks are often caused by the type of materials that you use for your roof. For example, some asphalt shingles can degrade very quickly and let in an excessive amount of water and moisture. That's because these types of shingles often suffer from problems with the seams.

The Ways That Seams Contribute To Leaks

Laying asphalt shingles and other types with large seams can contribute to the development of leaks in a few ways. For example, seams can wear down on the exterior of the shingle and expose the underlayment of the roof. This underlayment is weaker than the shingles and is more prone to breaking down when exposed to water.

As a result, shingles with weak seams have a tendency to wear down more quickly than others. That's why it is a good idea to consider standing seam sheets. This type of roofing is designed to minimize the problems caused by this concern and helps to make a roof stronger and more resistant to most types of serious water damage.  

How These Sheets Help Eliminate This Problem

Standing seam sheets are designed for metal roofs as a way of eliminating seam problems. In other types of shingles or roofing sheets, the seams are weak. That's because they are flush with the roof and more likely to suffer from serious damage.

However, the raised seams of these sheets are designed to withstand weathering damage. More importantly, they are also quite large and typically cause fewer seam-related problems. They also create fewer seams on the roof, creating a less problematic concern.   

So those who suffer from leaks or mold caused by problematic seams in their roof should consider switching to standing seam sheets. This step can help to ensure that their roof stays in great shape and keeps moisture out.