Three Benefits Of Using The Proper Coolant For Machining

CNC machines do lots of things all at once that were once done by lots of people instead. In fact, one CNC machine can be programmed to do the jobs of twenty different skilled workers (and then some). However, these machines also need a lot of maintenance, including coolant for machining. Like cars and people, these machines need something to help them stay cool so that they can continue to power through the work they do. Here are three benefits to using the proper coolant for your CNC machines.

The CNC Machine Will Last Longer

Just as with a car, if you have and use the proper coolant, the machine will last longer. Keeping the motor or engine cool in these machines is vital to keeping the motor/engine from getting too hot and locking up. If the motor/engine locks up, you may be able to let it cool down, add coolant, and then run it again, but if you keep doing that to a CNC machine, it will eventually bust for good. Considering that these machines cost as much as a brand-new car, you will want to avoid that.

The CNC Machine Will Perform Better

Here is a machine that uses lasers to cut and dozens of automated tools to punch, drill, bore, fasten, and secure all manner of materials, including metal. If the machine is kept cool with a high-grade coolant meant specifically for the make and model of your CNC machine, it can perform better. It is not striving against itself or the monumental amount of heat created by the lasers and high-speed tools.

The CNC Machine Will Not Shake, Shimmy, or Blow Up

Using the proper coolant is as important as using a coolant in the first place. While you can use just about any coolant for the machine, using the proper coolant keeps your machine from shaking, shimmying, and blowing up. The wrong type of coolant will barely keep the machine cool, causing it to shake, which in turn causes the machine to create faulty products and poor cuts.

A mixture of coolants (which is sometimes used to bring costs down and extend the life and amount of coolant) can cause the machine to shimmy from time to time, which is just as bad as the effects of a constantly shaking machine. The totally wrong kind of coolant, or the wrong amount, can cause the machine to literally blow up inside. It is just better, less expensive, and easier to give the machine the proper coolant in the correct amount.