Planning An Outdoor Wedding? Don't Forget To Rent These 3 Essential Items

Are you planning an outdoor wedding? Having your wedding outside can be a beautiful, uplifting experience. There's nothing quite like saying your vows amid the beauty and splendor of nature. You have to do some extra special planning in order to get it just right, though. You have to think of things such as the comfort of your guests and keeping the venue clean. If your entire wedding, including the reception, is to be outdoors, with no indoor access, you will need to rent some special equipment to make the experience enjoyable for everyone. Here are the three main things you'll need to lease for your big day.

1. A Dumpster

With an outdoor wedding, a dumpster rental is a must. You and your guests will generate a lot of trash, especially at the reception. You don't want to leave a mess for other people who may use the venue after you, especially if it is a public venue such as a park or a beach. You also don't want to litter the environment.

In most cases, you will only need to rent one dumpster. If your wedding is going to have several hundred guests, you might want to consider renting two. The good thing about dumpster rentals is that you can have your guests toss all of their trash into the dumpsters, along with all the leftover decorations and other debris when the event is over, and the dumpster rental company will take it all away for you. You don't have to worry about disposing of the trash in the dumpsters after the ceremony is over, which makes having a rented dumpster both necessary and convenient.

2. Portable Toilets

People are going to be eating and drinking at your reception, and they're going to have to go to the bathroom. Unless your venue has public restrooms available, you will need to rent at least two portable toilets for for men and one for women.

Even if the venue has public restrooms, they may not be exactly clean or desirable to use. If this is the case, then renting portable toilets is still an excellent idea. According to, they will be nice and clean when they arrive.

This is good. You want your guests to be comfortable with the sanitation facilities, especially since they will be going in there wearing their really nice wedding clothes.

3. Overhead Coverings

You want to have some kind of overhead cover for your guests. Nothing is more unpleasant than spending an entire day at a wedding out in the sun with no shade available. It can even be dangerous to the health of your guests if the weather is really hot. You don't want them to get heat exhaustion from constant sun exposure...and you don't want to suffer from it on your big day, either.

Overhead coverings can also serve to keep guests dry if it unexpectedly rains. You can rent tent covers that are open on the sides, with just the top part of the tent on four poles. These are perfect for covering guests during the ceremony, covering the food at the reception, and even for putting the reception tables and chairs under, so guests can enjoy the food in comfort.


Your outdoor wedding can be a truly beautiful and memorable experience. You just have to make sure you plan adequately for it. Consider what particular needs an outdoor wedding will have in general, then look at what your unique venue is going to need.

Plan accordingly and rent the appropriate equipment. You will be glad you did, and so will your guests. Go ahead and make the rental arrangements today, so you will be sure the things you need are available when you need them.