Collaborator's Guide is a collective of interdisciplinary artists, designers, illustrators, writers, stylists, thinkers, technologists, friends, and patrons brought together to create socially engaging and participatory situations that highlight curiosity in the spaces and contexts we are currently in. Our size and compositions is flexible, our medium is varied, and our location is everywhere.

We crave experiences today. We long for tactile and visceral Interaction with people and objects. In a world of homogenization and engineered everything, we seek the unique, the eccentric, the handmade, the local, the unexpected and the not-quite-ready.

We have developed different ways to devise and promote projects incorporating research, performance, objects, creation and contextual situations into live events that activate local areas in a variety of social frameworks. The outcomes vary responding to the context–which is key to our work. Through these events we become enablers and facilitators of interaction that stimulates alternative debate, discussion and speculations.

Through our work we provoke curiosity and we encourage people to look differently at the everyday. Whether the project takes form as a performance, a focused activity or experiment, an act of sharing or making, we challenge and encourage participation in our spatial practices.
 Current Project:
Cadre Event site-specific installations in Tokyo and London, this fall.

 Selected Projects:
View a slideshow of some of our past works.

 Featured Project :
Localloons in Cape Town, South Africa on Feb. 22-25th, 2007.
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 List of Sponsors :
B Store, Cadre, Chashama, Croydon Arc, FABRICA, MOOOI, The Apartment, Wolff Olins, whatiftheworld and a special thank you to anonymous donations.

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